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Online Glasses

Online shopping has gotten a lot more popular over the last decade. It is fast and convenient for a lot of people to click a button and it arrive at your door. Personally, I love online shopping, especially Amazon! But there are some things that you are better off purchasing in the store, glasses included. I’m going to go over some reasons why this is the case. 


According to the American Optometric Association, 29% of glasses ordered online from the top 10 online retailers had the incorrect prescription lenses. I was pretty surprised by this statistic! This is almost 1/3 of glasses ordered. If the mistake is mild, you may not be able to notice the difference. But, if your prescription is more complex or you are very in tune to your vision and want things to be, as a lot of my patients say, “crispy”, you will definitely notice. Vision will not be clear, and you can get headaches and strain from the incorrect prescription. When you purchase glasses locally from our shop, we will verify that the prescription is made properly and that the glasses fit, making sure that your vision is as clear and comfortable as possible. 


You may have heard the saying “you get what you pay for”. Sadly, I have found this to be the case for online glasses retailers as well. When you look online, it is hard to tell from looking at a picture the quality of what you are purchasing. They may appear to be high-end but are actually made from low-grade materials. This can limit durability and irritate your skin. Also, the sun may even change the color of the frames. If you purchase locally, you can be sure of the material of the frame and if they do get damaged, typically there is a 1-year warranty that we are able to use to get new frames.

Professional Help

I find that the majority of my patients don’t know what type of frames look good on them. Our optical experts are wonderful at helping guide our patients toward frames that will flatter their features. Also, certain prescriptions that tend to be thicker look better in certain frames. Most patients themselves don’t take that into consideration. By shopping locally, you can take advantage of our knowledgeable staff. This increases the chance you will be happy with your purchase and look your best. They will also be able to take certain measurements to make sure the frame fits perfectly and that the lenses will be centered properly in front of your pupil. If the lenses aren’t centered properly, it can cause major issues with vision.

Personal Service and Continuity

Nothing can compare with excellent customer service! If you know you can rely on someone, then you know that your money is going towards a product that you can be confident in. Spending money locally with us also ensures that we can continue to stay open. This allow us to provide the same great service and that the doctor can continue to assess the health of your eyes.

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