Lash Line Enhancement

Eyelash services get a bit more buzz, but you can also enhance your eyes with a semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo. It’s an option for both those who wear minimal makeup and a full face each day. Here is everything you need to know about a lash line enhancement.

What is Eyeliner Tattoo?

While applied in the same manner as a traditional tattoo, the growing trend in permanent makeup (PMU) is actually semi-permanent. This ensures that if you tire of color or shape, you don’t have to live with it forever.

You can have PMU applied to your brows, scalp, lips, eyes, and more. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of having semipermanent eyeliner applied.


Flawless Eyeliner

If you wear your liner in the exact same style every day, you can have your preferred style tattooed on. Your liner will be flawless all day every day without the worry of smudging or fading. Just bring in a photograph of your preferred liner style so that your technician can create your desired shape and thickness. This includes top and or bottom eyeliner, just top liner, and the application method known as natural eyeliner tattoo. This is a “barely there” application method that delivers a subtle yet refined enhancement.

Multiple Colors

While black is the most common option, there are countless shades of black to choose from. You can also choose from shades of brown, grey, green, blue, and violet. Colors such as green, blue, and violet are more common for a more subtle natural lash line enhancement while black and brown are more common for thicker lines. The thinner the line, the easier it is to layer a darker liner on over when you want to mix things up.


Be sure to ask what type of ink your technician uses to estimate how long the ink will last. While the first generations of PMU lasted for life, current inks last an average of 12 months. However, some inks last up to 5 years. When your liner begins to fade you can have it touched up or you can allow it to fade to have a new color or style applied. Factors such as age, skin thickness, and sun exposure impact how quickly your liner will fade. If you are hesitant in any way, opt for an ink that lasts an average of 12 months.


Yes, It Hurts

There’s no way around it, tattoos hurt! Even though the ink is semipermanent, tiny needles are required to push the ink into your skin. While the smallest and least painful needles are used on the tattoo machine, eyelid skin is thin and sensitive. To improve comfort during the application process, select a technician who utilizes a numbing cream.

Thicker-lined styles such as cat-eye, panda smudge, and Winehouse are more painful. Thinner-lined natural lash line enhancement styles such as no liner liner, thin flick, dropped flick, and classic bar hurt less.  

The Cost

While the convenience of having one less makeup step each day is enticing, PMU is an investment. Cost varies by geographic location, type of ink, and liner style but starts at around $475 and goes up to $1,000. Touchups cost less as long as the fading isn’t too significant. While you may shop around, don’t just go for the cheapest technician. Ensure your technician is certified, has outstanding reviews, and has an impressive before and after portfolio.

Limited Makeup Options

Even if you typically wear the exact same eyeliner every day, there may be times that you want to mix things up. If you have a “barely there” natural application, you may still be able to layer your liner of choice with ease. However, thicker and darker lines limit your options. For example, if you have a thick cat-eye you will have it until it fades. You can try makeup that is designed to cover tattoos, but it is extremely difficult to apply to your lash line without getting in your eye. However, it could disguise your cat-eye edges.

Lash Line Enhancement Aftercare

The application process takes 45 to 60 minutes. Don’t be startled at the initial color saturation as it will fade between 30 to 50 percent in the first couple of weeks.

Your technician will provide you with aftercare instructions, which you must follow as directed. You’ll need to avoid wearing contacts for a few days and no eye makeup for about a week. To hold color and heal evenly and quickly, keep the tattooed area moist for 5 to 7 days. This can be achieved by using a cotton swab to apply Vaseline to the tattooed area twice per day. No rubbing or itching your lids and no cleansers on your eyelids for the first week or so. You may also want to wear sunglasses when outside for the first week.

PMU isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, but if it’s right for you it can boost your confidence and simplify your morning routine!

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