Why Do I Have Itchy Eyes?

So you have very itchy eyes. Welcome to spring, winter, Oklahoma, windy season, or you name it. Itchy eyes can happen pretty much anytime. Itchy eyes are often attributed to allergy season, but can be caused by other factors in your environment.

If you are one of the millions who suffer from itchy eyes, understanding the cause is the first step to relief.

Causes of Itchy Eyes

  1. Seasonal allergies
  2. Dry air
  3. Car vents
  4. Poor sleep
  5. Dry eyes
  6. Smoke
  7. Too much screen time
  8. Too much caffeine
  9. Pink Eye
  10. Demodex

Are the ten things that quickly come to my mind about why you could be dealing with itchy eyes, but the list goes on and on. For the most part it can be broken down into environmental factors and environemntal factors. So, in other words it is your environment to blame.

We really need to make sure we are using the right treatment for the itchy eyes in order for it to truly be successful, because if the cause is allergies then drinking less caffeine won’t make a big difference.

Allergy Eye Relief 

If we know that allergies are the cause, you and your eye doctor will work together to find a treatment that works for you.

Here is a list of things to consider

  • Artificial Tears – This is a list of my top choices
  • Cold compress – This will decrease the blood flow to the area making it harder for the overactive immune response to continue
  • Avoidance – obviously if we can avoid those types of environments it will be helpful
  • Allergy Eye Drops – This is a list of the best allergy eye drops

If you have tried a few of these things with no luck or have questions, you can always reach out to us or your local eye doctor. Thank you for reading about itchy eyes and leave a comment below with any questions.

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