Vuity Eye Drop Update

Today I want to talk about a new drop on the market to help people that need reading glasses. The drop is made by Allergan and is called Vuity. Now you may not want to get away from glasses since they can be quite the fashion statement. If you do, then keep reading.

What is Vuity?

What this drop is is a very low dose of pilocarpine. Now pilocarpine is an old drop. It first showed up being used in medicine back in the 1870’s. It was being used for glaucoma typically. Nowadays it isn’t used for much other than preparation for certain eye surgeries because of the short duration of effectiveness meaning you would have to use the drop multiple times a day.

Well Allergan is bringing the drop back to the front of medicine by using it to help out with early presbyopes or people in their 40s to early 50s.

How Long for Results?

So, it takes about 15 minutes for the drop to kick in and it does its best work about 1 hour after putting the drop in. Most people notice a gain of 3 lines of letters which is about from here to here. Which is a pretty good gain in vision.

The drop lasts about 6 hours, but is only approved for 1 time a day use at this time. That will likely change in the future, but time will tell. That is one of the downsides to the drop. The other downside is a few people can report headache issues. Lastly, about 25% of people will report a noticeable reduction in light.

Vuity Eye Drops Price?

Right now the Vuity eye drops price is around $80 a month. So, that ends up being around $960 for the year which is really making it challenging for most people to justify.

Lastly, I think in about 16 months there will be some competition on the market with this drop. When that happens it will push that price down.

Is Vuity Covered by Insurance?

Currently Vuity eye drops are not covered by any insurance. The insurance companies currently view this as a cosmetic thing and that is why they do not cover the vuity drops at this time. So, the cost of Vuity eye drops with insurance is still the $80 a month.

Vuity Eye Drops Where to Buy?

You can get Vuity eye drops at almost any pharmacy out there currently. Some Eye Doctors like us here in Coillinsville have some samples we can give you to try out also.

Thank you for reading my quick pro and con post about the Vuity eye drops.

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