The Best Eyelash Curler for Straight Lashes

Not everyone is born with long lashes. Even if your lashes are long, they may not curl the way you desire. If falsies and extensions aren’t your style, an eyelash curler can deliver the look you want. Not to worry, as they only add another minute to your beauty routine. Below is a list of the best eyelash curlers for straight lashes.

Does Curling Your Lashes Really Make a Difference?

Yes! Our eyes play a vital role in how we communicate and express ourselves. Even a slight curl will make your eyes look larger and more expressive. You will also look more awake, even when you feel tired. Not to mention, your natural lashes will look longer, thicker, fuller, and refined.

You may only use a curler on occasion, such as date night or when you don’t get enough sleep. Or you may enjoy the difference so much that you curl our lashes every day.

Is There Really a Difference Between Lash Curlers?

Absolutely. Like anything, it’s all about the details. Factors such as the length of your lashes, how deep set your eyes are, and how soft or hard your lash hairs are will determine which product is right for you. Even the ergonomics of the design play into the end result.

So, you may have to try more than one curler before you find what works best for you.  

Should You Curl Before or After Applying Your Eye Makeup?

Most pros suggest curling right before you apply your mascara. This will help lock in the curl, which will slightly soften the minute or two after curling. If you curl after applying your mascara, your mascara may get thick and clumpy. However, some heated curlers suggest applying your mascara first.

For best results, use a keratin mascara or other curl-enhancing mascara to set your curl.

  1. Ensure your lashes and lids are clean.
  2. Optional, apply a lash primer or serum.
  3. Curl as directed.
  4. Apply keratin or curl-enhancing mascara.
  5. Apply liner and eye shadow before or after.

The Best Eyelash Curlers for Straight Lashes

There are 3 standard designs to choose from—clamp-to-curl, slide-to-curl, or heated clamps and wands. In addition to daily tools, you can curl and tint your lashes.

#1 Revlon Precision Lash Curler

Revlon continues to lead the pack. They’ve redesigned their curler several times over the years, making it easier to use with each new model. The Precision eyelash curler is ergonomically designed, making it easy to catch and press your lashes, and comfortable to hold in place. Its unique curved design curls corner and center lashes, both short and long.

#2 Japonesque Go Curl

This design is completely unique. Unlike most curlers, Japonesque is designed to comfortably curl both deep set and monolid eyes. It’s larger than most, but lightweight and easy to use. You can also see through the curler with ease while curling. If you’re use to a more traditional eyelash curler, it will take a try or two to get it right. However, you may prefer the ease of use once you adjust.

#3 Heated Curlers

With the right mascara, your curl should last all day. However, if you have ultra-stiff lashes that don’t curl easily, you may want to try a heated curler. Heated curlers are also ideal for short eyelashes.

The Nuluxglovite is a top option. It is a clamp-to-curl design that heats to 65 degrees for soft lashes or 85 degrees for hard lashes. Charge via USB, preheat for 10 seconds, curl for 3 seconds, and apply mascara.

You can also choose from a variety of heated comb and wand kits, each with individual instructions. Some have multiple heat settings, some are multi-step curlers, and some come with mascara that is applied before or after.

#4 Semi-Permanent Curl and Tint

If you like to keep your makeup routine simple, are looking to save time, or your lashes don’t curl well—consider an eyelash curler and tint. This is a semi-permanent salon service applied to your natural lashes. It lasts 4 to 6 weeks, which is how often we shed and grow new lashes. The look is refined, but natural.

Lash curl—if you have long lashes, they can be curled with an itty bitty bow or rod and set with a keratin treatment.

EyeLash lift—if you have shorter lashes, they can be angled or “lifted” upwards and set with a keratin treatment.

Lash tint—a lash tint uses a vegetable dye to color your lashes a darker shade, making them look longer and fuller.

Are Your Eyes Swelling, Stinging, or Red After Lash Extensions?

Above are the best eyelash curlers for straight lashes. If you still don’t achieve the look you desire, consider having lash extensions applied. If you prefer a more natural look, just ask your lash technician. Lash extensions are more of an investment, but they last 6 to 8 weeks.  We just urge you to be mindful of the side effects of lash extensions. If you are experiencing any side effects after having lash extensions applied, don’t delay getting medical attention.

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