Eye Serum or Eye Cream?

Our eyes are one of the first places we begin to show the visible signs of aging. Undereye wrinkles can begin to form as early as your 20s. Dark circles, puffy eyes, and undereye bags can begin to form in your teens. To address these issues, you need to identify designated eye care products. This includes both an eye serum and an eye cream.

What Causes Eye Wrinkles?

There are a variety of factors that cause both premature and naturally occurring undereye wrinkles.

Repetitive movement—daily facial expressions including laughing and smiling, sleeping on your side or stomach, or regularly rubbing your eyes can accelerate lines. Don’t smile less, but do use a beauty pillowcase.

UV exposure—wearing your sunglasses isn’t just for vision but to minimize lines and wrinkles around your eyes. Be sure to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen to filter all light, including blue light, just don’t get it too close to your eyes.

Smoking—smoking is the only thing that ages your skin faster than the sun.

Blue light—fluorescent lighting, smartphones, notebooks, laptops, and computers have blue lights. Turn the blue light filter on in your device settings and wear blue light filtering glasses.

Dehydration—if you are internally or externally dehydrated your skin will age prematurely. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, eat a diet high in Omega fatty acids, and externally nourish and moisturize.

Sugar—a diet high in refined sugar (particularly fructose) can damage collagen and elastin cells which can lead to premature wrinkles and skin sagging.

Genetics—how your skin and body ages can be genetic. However, areas exposed to the sun and environment daily, such as your face, are more influenced by external factors than by genetics.

Why You Can’t Use Your Facial Products on Your Eyes?

A proactive approach is the best way to protect your skin and slow the formation of fine lines and deep wrinkles. Most women begin using facial moisturizers in their teens or 20s, also applying them under and around their eyes.

However, the skin under and around our eyes is thinner, so it’s difficult for heavy facial creams to penetrate. Our eyes are also extremely sensitive, so products designed for the eye area typically have little to no toxic fragrance or synthetic additives—while your facial creams may have significantly more.

Now let’s dive into why you need both a serum and a moisturizer.

What Is an Eye Serum?

A serum’s role is distinctly different than that of a moisturizer. A serum is designed to nourish your skin with a high concentration of skin-healthy antioxidants. Serums are much thinner than moisturizers and are designed to be applied after you wash your face, but a minute or so before applying your facial moisturizer. Some serums are formulated to address specific eye concerns, such as dark circles or puffy eyes.

What Is an Eye Moisturizer?

While moisturizers also contain skin-healthy antioxidants, their primary role is to hydrate and moisturize your skin. Your eye cream is likely to be lighter and thinner than your facial moisturizer, but thicker than your eye serum.

Most women begin using daily eye products in their mid-20s, but a proactive approach is always best—and it’s never too late to start. Especially with our all-day exposure to electronic blue lights.

Are Eye Masks and Patches Serums or Moisturizers?

The new generation of undereye masks and patches are designed for targeted results. You can begin using them 2 to 3 days per week before fine lines begin to form, and ongoing thereafter. Just be sure to use each product as directed. You may prefer a variety of eye products for your individual skincare needs.

Here are a few masks and patches to consider:

Vanelc Collagen Eye Patches

These peel off patches are designed to be used each morning for 20 minutes. With daily use, they minimize bags, dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles. They are formulated with seaweed, collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and rose essential oil.

Dermora 24K Gold Eye Patches

These eye patches can also be used daily, 2 to 3 days a week as a proactive approach to aging, or any time you wake up with tired eyes or puffy eyes. Your eyes will look instantly brighter and smoother. With regular use, these collagen and glycerin masks will fade dark circles.

Overnight Mask Creams

You can also choose from a variety of overnight creams. Our skin repairs and restores itself while we sleep. We can accelerate the restorative process with nutrient-rich and hydrating products. If not a designated mask, at least use products specifically formulated for PM use. Daytime products are designed to be layered under makeup, so they are formulated a bit differently.

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