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Evil Eye Meanings

The blue-colored evil eye charm is one of the most recognizable talismans around the world, and it has only grown in popularity over the years. 

Originating in Turkey, the talisman can be found in various forms such as pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and a variety of other accessories. It is believed to provide the wearer with spiritual protection against the malevolent gaze of others that may cause bad fortune.

The curse of the “evil eye” is not something new; in fact, diverse cultures and societies throughout history have had beliefs and rituals to ward off such curses. 

Before we get to the different colors of evil eyes and their meaning, let’s take a look at the origins and background of it.

History of the Evil Eye

There’s a reason the evil eye symbol is one of the most popular across the world — it is one of the most ancient symbols that has persevered to date for offering protection

The concept of the evil eye has been a part of many cultures around the world, so it is difficult to attribute it to a single society or region. However, the symbol of the evil eye that we see today dates back to at least 3000 B.C. in the kingdom of Mesopotamia. However, some sources even say that the evil eye could have originated in the Upper Paleolithic Age and even the Neolithic Age

Different cultures including Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, and Hindu have ties to the concept of it. While the details may differ from one religion to another, the basic concept behind it remains the same. 

The idea of an “evil eye” stems from the belief that negative feelings like jealousy, envy, or hatred may cause a person to cast a curse on another who would typically be unaware of their malevolent glare. A number of cultures hold this belief that the it can cause a person to have misfortune, accidents, unnatural hardships, injuries, and in some extreme cases, even death. 

The talismans and symbols we see today were born out of a need to be protected from such bad luck and injuries caused by the evil eye. People would wear this symbol around their necks and hang it in their homes to ward off any kind of “evil eye.”

Different Colored Evil Eyes and their Meaning

If you’ve been to a store that sells amulets or browsed for them online, you must have come across a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. While the shape and size are not of much significance, the color of the symbol matters. 

The most common evil eye amulet that you have probably already come across is the blue-colored one. But it is not the only one that keeps it away. 

Here are the different colors of evil eyes and what they mean.

1. Dark Blue Meaning

Perhaps the most popular of all the colors, the dark blue evil eye is said to be used for karma and protecting fate. It is the most prominent and recognizable protection against a malevolent gaze and keeps you safe from evil intentions. The color blue is also representative of calm and relaxation and encourages an open flow of communication. It is commonly hung around houses or worn around one’s neck. 

2. Light Blue Meaning

Then, the light blue evil eye offers general protection. It encourages the wearer to broaden their perspective in life and is representative of solitude and peace. People often wear accessories with the light blue evil eye symbol. 

3. Red Meaning

The red evil eye represents enthusiasm and energy. This color is said to offer protection from any form of fear or anxiety that one may be facing. It helps to instill a feeling of courage.

4. Pink Meaning

Now, healthy friendships are often a target of the evil gaze. The pink evil eye is said to protect your friendships and exude a calm and relaxing feeling. 

5. Dark Green Meaning

The dark green evil eye is said to bring more happiness and balance to your life. It represents an encouragement to pursue new and innovative ideas, both professionally and personally. 

6. Light Green Meaning

Next, the light green evil eye provides a person with the strength and vigor they need in life to succeed. This evil eye amulet is associated with bringing happiness and contentment to your life.

7. White Meaning

Now, the white evil eye color has been growing in popularity as well and is said to remove obstacles and help provide you with a fresh start in life. The white color represents clarity and focus.

8. Brown Meaning

Next, the brown-colored evil eye exudes a sense of security and warmth. The color is a representation of mother Earth and brings with it a deeper connection with nature. It is said to portray the principles of orderliness and convention.

9. Orange  Meaning

So, orange is a vibrant color of an evil eye that denotes playfulness and creativity in life’s relationships. Also, it is said to embody feelings of motivation and commitment. 

10. Yellow Meaning

Yellow is another bright color that manifests positivity in life and a unique youthfulness. This evil eye color is said to sharpen your concentration while also protecting your health and wellness. 

11. Grey Meaning

Though it is perceived as a dull color, a gray-colored evil eye is said to uplift your mood and spirits. It is supposed to do that while representing an openness to new experiences. It is also said to protect you against sorrows. 

12. Purple Meaning

Lastly, purple is another color that inspires creativity and imagination. This colored evil eye has been associated with bringing balance to your life while removing obstacles. 

Bottom Line

So, just as every color represents a different kind of emotion, different-colored evil eye talismans are supposed to represent the different kinds of energy they can bring to a person or a home. 

Now, while it is predominantly used to ward off malicious gaze and bad luck, an amulet can mean different things according to its color. So, if you plan on getting yourself an amulet or necklace, consider what you want it to help you with, and then choose a color that can help you with your intentions.

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