Emergency Eye Care

In this article I am going to discuss some tips to help you when needing emergency eye care from your local Eye Doctor. I will discuss tips on how to help quickly with pain and the main things to look for when in a “painful eye” situation.

Dilated Pupils and your Local Eye Doctor

I get a phone call a couple times a year with someone that is having issues with their pupils. Typically, it is one pupil is larger than the other. This phone call usually comes from someone looking for an Eye Doctor in Skiatook or an Eye Doctor in Oologah. The reason for this is some people with put on a patch to help alleviate motion sickness before getting on a boat. This medication can cause the pupils too dilate. Typically it is on the same side as the motion sickness patch. This is not a scary situation, but could be. Dilated pupils can be caused from different poisons and trauma to the head. 

Typically, I will ask the person searching for an Optometrist in Skiatook or an Optometrist in Oologah a handful of questions. Once those questions have been answered satisfactorily I typically tell them to have fun at the lake. If you have a headache with the dilated pupils don’t hesitate to call an Eye Doctor. If you don’t call an Eye Doctor, visit the emergency room quickly. Here you need a 24-hour emergency Eye Doctor near me fast.

Metal in the Eye and Your Local Optometrist

Metal in the eye is never any fun and I know from personal experience. Years ago I had an Eye Doctor in Owasso take metal out of my eye. I did have my safety glasses on, but still ended up with metal in my eye. The Eye Doctor in Owasso was able to get me fixed up pretty quick and I am able to do the same thing now for my patients. I have a good relationship with several of the businesses in Collinsville and they send me someone almost every week that needs metal removed from the eye. While metal in the eye is not something an emergency eye care center near me would act on quickly it is still something that needs to be fixed quickly.

Removing Metal from the Eye

The way I usually work is from least aggressive to most aggressive. Meaning that I start out by using a cotton tipped applicator that is wet and try and remove the metal with it after numbing the eye. This usually works best if the metal hasn’t been in the eye for more than a few hours. If the metal has been in the eye for more than a few hours then I tend to need to use my spud to remove the metal. The spud has a sharp end that allows me to get under the metal. 

Now, if the metal has been there for a few hours rust may have started to form. If rust has gotten deposited into the eye it may need to be removed. The best thing to do if you need an Eye Doctor in Skiatook to remove metal, an Optometrist in Collinsville, or an Eye Doctor in Oologah to remove the metal give us a call. We can get you fixed pretty quick. Even if we aren’t technically a 24-hour emergency eye care center. Just give the office a call (918) 371-3339.

Welding Burn and Your Eye Care Specialist

There is a lot of welders that live in and around Skiatook, Oologah, Collinsville, and Owasso. When working around welders there is always the chance of getting a flash burn. Now when I was an Eye Doctor in Nowata I heard quite a few terrifying stories from some welders. These stories were usually about what to do when you get a flash burn. A flash burn is simply over exposure to UV light to the cornea. Over exposure of UV light to the skin causes a sunburn and similar things to help a sunburn help a flash burn. I mean artificial tears will help a ton and so will time in darkness. 

Please DO NOT use a potato cut in half or milk to help with a flash burn.

The fear when we have damage to the cornea is an infection. Putting a potato cut in half is bacteria food just like milk for a possible infection. So, if the flash burn is mild put some artificial tears in your eyes. Here is a link to my favorite artificial tear. However, if it is major let your Skiatook Eye Doctor, Oologah Eye Doctor, or Collinsville Eye Doctor help you with some stronger drops than what you will get over the counter. Here is a link to a welding hood company with some other tips.

These are just a few quick and simple tips about emergency eye care from your local Eye Doctor. Again, we will gladly help anyone searching for emergency eye care near me.

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